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Tele-Consultation Service

Speaking to our in-house consultant/specialist gives one the confidence to decide on treatment. At Blue Coral Healthcare Services, we aim to put you and your loved ones at ease at every step of the recovery process. That’s why we provide you with our Tele-consultation service to keep in you touch with our in-house consultant/specialist remotely.

How to Access the Service

Reach us via our telephone numbers (09060003854, 09077000075) and speak to our teleconsultants OR book an appointment here.

Confirm your appointment by making the payment of Ten Thousand Naira (N10,000.00) for your Online Consultation with a specialist in any of our departments. You can make payment for this via our online payment platform.

The Tele-consultation service is available via telephone, WhatsApp, Zoom or Skype. Kindly select which channel will be your preference and indicate in your request to us.

No matter which part of the world you are in, we enable you to consult the best consultants/specialists with just the click of a mouse and get answers to your healthcare concerns from the comfort of your home.