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HMO Service

We work with most health insurance companies or health maintenance organization (HMOs), however, before attending an appointment, it is important to check that your insurance policy will cover you. Some insurance companies also require a referral from your GP.

You must gain authorization from your insurance company before booking
your appointment with us. Once your insurance company has authorized your investigation, please contact us to make your appointment. You can expect quick access of a date and time that suits you and your images and report will be sent back to your referring clinician for you to review.

So, that we can bill your insurer directly here’s what we will need from you:

  • The name of your insurance company (HMO)
  • Your membership or policy number/ID
  • The claim number or authorization code given to you by your insurance company

We will liaise directly with your insurers to arrange payment, enabling you to
concentrate on your healthcare journey.
If you have any questions or want advice on whether self-pay is the right choice for you, please contact our dedicated patient care team.

Telephone: 09060003854
Email: info@bchs.com.ng